TECH PLANTER Members Terms and Conditions

TECH PLANTER is a platform by Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") that provides support in developing a business plans with advanced technologies born from universities and startups with partners comprising business companies.

Please read the following terms carefully and register to TECH PLANTER Members only if you agree with it. Upon submitting the application form to Leave a Nest Co. Ltd., we consider that you agree to the following terms and conditions. The contents of this agreement may be changed. If changed, we will notify you through the web page of Leave a Nest Co. Ltd., or in any other appropriate method, but we will assume that you have agreed to the changed terms upon completion of notification.

Article 1 Notes on entry

1 TECH PLANTER is looking for technologists, researchers, entrepreneurs (hereinafter referred to as "researchers, etc.") aiming for commercialization in fields such as hardware, robotics, biotechnology, healthcare, food, agriculture, ocean technology. Researchers, etc. who are not interested in commercialization/industrialization of its own cannot apply to our platform.

2 The items specified in the following can not be applied to TECH PLANTER.
-Of military purpose
-Infringement of rights of third parties (including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights such as patents, copyright, designs, etc.)
-Obtained by dishonesty (including data corruption, plagiarism, fabrication of research results)
-Those that violate laws and regulations
-What is against public order and morals
-Others that conform to the preceding items

3 As stipulated in Article 6, the information you entered may be published. Please be careful not to include confidential information of the researchers themselves or third parties when applying to TECH PLANTER.

Article 2 Submission of entry / document

1 To enter TECH PLANTER, you need to register to TECH PLANTER Members. After registration, please make entry to each Grand Prix/Demo Day from the prescribed form.

2 The necessary documents for entry must be created by researchers, etc. themselves.

3 After the entry into the TECH PLANTER, information on applicants listed in the application documents (including the affiliation of this researcher, etc. but not limited to this, hereinafter referred to as "applicant information") has been changed If so, please contact us immediately.

4 The information stated in the application documents may be shared with TECH PLANTER partner companies (hereinafter referred to as "partner companies").

Article 3 Mentoring

We, Leave a Nest & TECH PLANTER team, may mentor with the researchers etc. entered into TECH PLANTER. The method of mentoring, the number of times and other necessary matters shall be determined by our company.

Article 4 Participation in various Grand Prix/Demo Day

1 In TECH PLANTER we will hold the Grand Prix/ Demo Day prescribed in the following list. Date and time of the place and other matters related to Grand Prix/ Demo Day will be determined separately at our discretion. Please check details at the TECH PLANTER site (URL:

-Deep Tech Grand Prix
-Biotech Grand Prix
-Agri-tech Grand Prix
-Marine-tech Grand Prix
-Med-tech Grand Prix (March 11th 2019)
-Food-tech Grand Prix (March 1th 2022)
-Eco-tech Grand Prix (March 1th 2022)
-Osaka Tech Plan Grand Prix (March 1th 2022) -Shizuoka Tech Plan Grand Prix
-Kumamoto Tech Plan Grand Prix
-Shiga Tech Plan Grand Prix
-Miyazaki Tech Plan Grand Prix (March 11th 2019)
-Okinawa Tech Plan Grand Prix (March 11th 2019)
-Okayama Tech Plan Grand Prix (March 11th 2019)
-Ibaraki Tech Plan Grand Prix (March 11th 2019)
-Fukushima Tech Plan Grand Prix (March 11th 2019)
-Tochigi Tech Plan Grand Prix (March 11th 2019)
-Gifu Tech Plan Grand Prix (March 1th 2022)
-Kagoshima Tech Plan Grand Prix (March 1th 2022)
-Hiroshima Tech Plan Grand Prix (March 1th 2022)
-Gunma Tech Plan Grand Prix (March 1th 2022)
-Ishikawa Tech Plan Grand Prix(September 15th 2022) -TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in INDONESIA
-TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in San Francisco

2 After entry, the researcher, etc. who passed through the application screening by our company and the partner companies shall participate in any Grand Prix/ Demo Day prescribed in the preceding paragraph. The fees required to participate will be covered by the participants side (incl. transport fees to the venue).

Article 5 Use of information · Third party provision

1 Of the applicant information, personal information will be managed and used according to the privacy policy separately defined by Leave a Nest.

2 In addition to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, applicant information, information on the research contents stated in the application form, information acquired by our company regarding the TECH PLANTER and will be provided to the partner company of TECH PLANTER. Please check the list of partner companies here (URL:

Article 6 Information disclosure

Information on researchers, etc., (including personal information such as name, age, affiliation, photographs that may identify individuals, and etc.), information acquired by our company at the entry, research contents, and presented material in Grand Prix/ Demo Day stated in article 4 may be published on media such as Leave a Nest’s website, publications, SNS and other media.

Article 7 Governing law / jurisdiction

These Terms of Service shall conform to Japanese law. In addition, if a dispute arises concerning TECH PLANTER or this application rule between us and this researcher, etc., the Tokyo District Court shall be subject to the exclusive agreement of the first instance.

Article 8 Inquiries

Matters concerning these terms and conditions, please contact Mr. Shinozawa from the website ( for inquiries about TECH PLANTER.

Published June 22, 2013

Revised March 1, 2015

Revised September 6, 2017

Revised March 11, 2019

Revised January 5 2022

Revised March 1, 2022